6 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

A mechanical keyboard is a great investment. You’ll type faster, with greater accuracy, and maybe enjoy some RBG lighting effects, too. The difficulty is finding an excellent mechanical keyboard that suits your budget.  So, here are the best mechanical keyboards for under $100. 1. VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard Let’s kick things off with the VicTsing Mechanical […]

What Is Compattelrunner.Exe in Windows 10 (And Can It Be Disabled)

Microsoft has developed the Windows operating system to be as helpful as possible for its users. It includes features that allow you to quickly troubleshoot and fix common problems, from stuck Windows updates to common printer problems , using the built-in Windows Troubleshooter in the Windows Settings menu. This is because Windows has a huge […]

The Best Adblockers for Firefox & Chrome

There was a time when there were no ads on the Internet . Those were the days. But making and updating websites takes time and money. Marketing companies saw the opportunity and jumped on it. That’s also when adblockers were born. But what are the best adblockers for both Chrome and Firefox browsers? Our research […]

How to Change the Cursor on Windows 10

The default cursor you always use on Windows may, at times, feel a bit boring and outdated. Windows is a great operating system if you want to change things like this, though. It provides you full ability to customize your desktop experience. So, if you feel like changing your cursor, it’s entirely possible. And there […]

10 Best 3D Printers for Beginners Under $500

Modern 3D printers are much easier to use than they’ve ever been. They are also much more capable and reliable than early hobbyists and even commercial models. Perhaps most importantly, they are now priced in such a way that anyone who wants one can afford it.  We’ve pulled together a selection of 10 of the […]

How To Export Videos From Premiere Pro To Social Media

Social media is the place where videos get uploaded most often, and if you edit videos frequently you’ve more than likely uploaded them to a social media platform. With Adobe Premiere , there are several ways you can export your project in order to make playback on social media much smoother and better-looking. You don’t […]

7 Best Free Email Marketing Services (September 2020)

No matter what industry you’re part of, email marketing is essential to success. Whether you’re in SAAS, an indie author, or you sell homemade soaps, keeping track of your customers and keeping them coming back for more purchases can make or break your business.  On the other hand, you don’t want to go bankrupt paying […]

How to Test Your Microphone in Windows 10

Once you install a microphone on Windows 10, you’ll want to configure it. That means changing audio levels, input types, and making sure that it sounds crisp. If you’re setting up for gaming or streaming, you might want to test some audio effects for your microphone, too. So, here’s how to test your microphone on […]

The 5 Most Powerful Laptops For Video Editing

Video editing is a more popular pastime than ever. Everyone these days seems to have a YouTube channel, and there’s no shortage of people making content with drones and GoPros . Which can be quite a struggle if you’re using an underpowered laptop to edit that footage.  4K video is quickly becoming the new standard […]

What is Iphlpsvc in Windows 10 (And Is It Safe?)

Behind the scenes of every computer running Windows 10 is a whole ecosystem of intertwined processes. They control how programs communicate, how your computer interacts with peripherals like printers and cameras , and even how you connect to the internet . Windows has an Internet Protocol (IP) Helper Service, which shows up as iphlpsvc.dll in […]