What Is Compattelrunner.Exe in Windows 10 (And Can It Be Disabled)

Microsoft has developed the Windows operating system to be as helpful as possible for its users. It includes features that allow you to quickly troubleshoot and fix common problems, from stuck Windows updates to common printer problems , using the built-in Windows Troubleshooter in the Windows Settings menu. This is because Windows has a huge […]

Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
A Comparison Review

Trust is a well-known name in the European computer peripherals market, but with the GXT 960 Graphin and GXT 970 Morfix, the company is showing its pedigree, with two high-quality gaming mice that will satisfy casual and serious gamers alike without breaking the bank. The GXT 960 is the more budget-friendly of the two, with […]

The Zapier Email Parser: 3 Creative Ways to Use It

Everyone wants to reach Inbox Zero ; after all, no one wants to be the guy with 20,000 emails in their Gmail account, only the first 1,000 of which have been looked at. Thanks to tools like Zapier and its integrated email parser, you can wrangle your inbox instead of letting it wrangle you. An […]

The Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10: 8 Apps Compared

Windows 10 has a built-in photo viewer that you can use to view, edit, and enhance your photos . However, there are a few drawbacks with the Windows 10 Photos app, including the amount of time it takes before previewing an image. For many Windows 10 users, the slow loading of images remains a major […]

The Best Adblockers for Firefox & Chrome

There was a time when there were no ads on the Internet . Those were the days. But making and updating websites takes time and money. Marketing companies saw the opportunity and jumped on it. That’s also when adblockers were born. But what are the best adblockers for both Chrome and Firefox browsers? Our research […]

The 5 Most Powerful Laptops For Video Editing

Video editing is a more popular pastime than ever. Everyone these days seems to have a YouTube channel, and there’s no shortage of people making content with drones and GoPros . Which can be quite a struggle if you’re using an underpowered laptop to edit that footage.  4K video is quickly becoming the new standard […]

Papalook PA552 1080p Webcam Review

Finding a good webcam on a budget can be tricky, because cheaper webcams often come with hard-to-stomach limitations. It’s especially hard to find good, decently priced webcams that allow you to stream with HD video quality. If you’re looking for a good, budget-friendly streaming webcam, then the Papalook PA552 is your answer. This webcam has […]

MobiMover: An iTunes Alternative for Windows Users

Since iTunes hung up its hat, there has been no way to manage iPhone and iPad data except through macOS Catalina. Even though iTunes is gone for Mac users, it still works on Windows machines , but many users find it to be difficult and outdated.  MobiMover is one iTunes alternative for Windows users. This […]

How to Vectorize an Image in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is not a vector image editor. Adobe Illustrator ably handles that job. But what if you are on one of the basic Adobe Creative Cloud membership plans? Or you just have a subscription to Photoshop alone?  Photoshop has a few tools that allow you to draw vector shapes and paths from scratch. You […]

How To Use Photoshop Replace Color For Creative Editing

Colors are an important aspect of any art, photo, or design piece. Sometimes, you might feel like a certain color just doesn’t belong, and you want to recolor it. You can do this easily in Photoshop, even without erasing and recoloring something manually. There is a feature Photoshop has called Replace Color. It’s a quick […]