What Is WiFi Direct in Windows 10 (And How to Use It)

Bluetooth is the gold standard for device-to-device file transfers and close-range communications, but it has a competitor that you might not have heard of: WiFi Direct.  What is WiFi Direct? This little-known alternative has been around for years but, unlike Bluetooth, you can use WiFi Direct for more than just file transfers. Windows 10 has […]

How To Fix Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Errors

Adobe products, like Photoshop and Illustrator, are expensive to buy and use, which means that pirated copies aren’t hard to find. To help stop software pirates in their tracks, Adobe requires the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity service to be running. This disables Adobe software that isn’t linked to a legitimate license or account. If you’re […]

How to Transfer Files and Settings Between Windows 10 PCs

If you just bought a new Windows 10 PC and you want to move all your files over from the old computer, you can do that quickly and easily using hardware and software. There are several factors that will determine the process you use such as the number of files you need to move and […]

How to Open HEIC Files on Windows

The HEIC format (short for High-Efficiency Image Container) is the default format on iPhones since iOS 11. As its name implies, a HEIC file is incredibly efficient at storing photos, often taking up just half the size of a JPG file without sacrificing image quality. That said, the format is yet to go mainstream outside […]

How to Set up Windows Sonic for Headphones on Windows 10

Poor quality audio can take the buzz out of a movie you’re watching or a game you’re playing. Rather than settling for mono and outdated sound quality, you could think about upgrading your headphones to something a little better. The problem with that is, if your settings aren’t right, then you still won’t get the […]

How to Adjust Brightness on Windows 10

One of the best ways to avoid or reduce eye strain and headaches while using your computer is to have the correct screen brightness. For many Windows 10 users, using the brightness adjustment keys on their keyboards is a quicker way of manually adjusting the brightness level on their PCs.  If, for some reason, the […]

Why Wsappx Causes High CPU Usage and How To Fix It

If your computer is sluggish , one of the ways to investigate what’s causing the problem is to check the Task Manager. While Task Manager displays the running processes that could be hogging all the resources, it doesn’t necessarily explain what they mean. Wsappx is one of those unfamiliar services you’ll see in Task Manager. […]

Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
A Comparison Review

Trust is a well-known name in the European computer peripherals market, but with the GXT 960 Graphin and GXT 970 Morfix, the company is showing its pedigree, with two high-quality gaming mice that will satisfy casual and serious gamers alike without breaking the bank. The GXT 960 is the more budget-friendly of the two, with […]

How to Install a WordPress Test Site on Your Computer

One of the best ways to test a new website you’re developing is by installing a WordPress test site on your computer. Test it locally, make sure everything looks and works good, and then upload it to the live site all at once. When it comes to WordPress, there are several things to consider when […]

How To Curve Text In Photoshop

Of the many things you can do to edit text in Photoshop , creating curved text is one of the more popular that you see in designs. It’s visually interesting and can really add a nice effect to any project.  So how do you do it? There are actually multiple ways it can be done, […]